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Boarding - Come Stay With Us! 

The Nitty Gritty Details:

Good Morning!

7 am - Breakfast is served, kennels and houses are cleaned, dogs get let out to play and potty.

Free Time!

8 am - 5 pm - Dogs will have the option to have supervised play time outside, go on a hike/walk, or take a snooze.

Dinner and Bedtime!

Dinner will be served between 5-7 pm. Dogs will be let out to potty, kennel will be cleaned, and doggies are tucked into bed.

Housing Options:


*Private Bungalow and Private Yard attached (plus play yard and walks)

- $65 per dog per day

- $25 per dog per day (for additional dogs in same private kennel)


*Indoor personal kennel runs (rotated play yard time and walks)

-$55 per dog per day

-$25 per dog per day (for additional dogs)


What's Provided? What do I Bring? 

-Bowls, bedding, toys and bones are provided.

-Owner must bring their own food and medications as needed. 

-Food must be brought in some form of sealed plastic container. 


-Public Drop-off and Pick-up times are 7:00 am – 7:00 pm. **subject to staff availability**.

-All Pick-ups done after 12:00 pm will entail a half day’s rate


-Payment is due upon pick up of your dog(s).

-Payments can be made via cash, check, Zelle, Venmo or credit card (Square)

Pet Perks!:

-All dog housing locations are climate controlled.

Please follow link for Boarding:











                          If interested in boarding with us, please fill out an inquiry in the "Contact" section on the "About Us" page.


Board and Train

*If you aren't yet familiar with our boarding policies and procedures, please click the "Boarding" tab* 

Sunny Day Acres offers the unique option to have your dog stay with us for an extended period of time while we train them in or out of certain behaviors. We understand that this service is in demand, especially for dog rescue organizations. No case is too big or too small for us to take on. We take on minor destruction cases, cat testing cases, all the way up to feral dogs, dog/people aggression, and separation anxiety (just to name a few). For more information on the boarding facility, please see our "Boarding" tab. If you are interested in board and train services, please contact us via the "Contact" tab. 

Charges and Fees:


-$150.00 per dog per day

-Long-term Rescues (30 days+) = $75.00 per dog per day


Food Option:


-Owner may provide food or pay $5 per day for food to be provided.

-Food provided for long-term rescues. 

-Food must be contained in a sealed plastic food container or bin.


Invoicing  and Payment:


-Owner will be invoiced by the 1st of each month or when dog is to depart (whichever is sooner) 

-Payments may be made via Square, Zelle, Venmo or mailing a check and are due upon receipt of invoicing.

Please follow link for Board and Train:

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