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A well-trained dog is a happy dog.

There are multiple options for you and your dog at Sunny Day Acres. Every training option is available at beginner to advanced levels, in form of group classes or private lessons. Click on “Training Options” link to check out all our options and choose the one for you.

If you require in-home training, we’ll come to you and help with any issue, from counter surfing to barking at the door. Just click on “In-home Training” or “Contact Us” to see rates and schedule an appointment.

There’s more! We will soon be enrolling for 2017 classes for people working in the animal field - in rescuing and fostering, as shelter employees, and anyone wanting to learn how to assess and rehabilitate dogs. Additional classes are available to anyone wanting to learn about working with animals.  

Train and learn at Sunny Day Acres!

Trainer Bio's

Jennifer Gray

Jennifer has been teaching private lessons, doing board & train, and holding various training seminars at dog adoption events for many years prior to opening Sunny Day Acres to the public. She began her career as a Junior Handler in the show ring in 1990. From there she progressed to Obedience and Agility.  After High School, Jennifer pursued working with wildlife, specializing with wolves, while also attaining her Business Management degree.  She constantly continued to gain knowledge in various realms of the dog training industry. After college, she worked and trained dogs in the Search & Rescue field extensively and did an apprenticeship training bomb detection dogs. Jennifer returned to working with wolves in the film industry, known as a wrangler, and also continued training privately.  Everyone who knows her wolf Coda should ask him to perform his old film set cues;)

Due to her in depth knowledge about canine behavior and various training techniques and methods, in 2012 Jennifer was personally asked by Cesar Millan and his organization to become the Director and Senior Head Trainer of his Dog Psychology Center.  After 4 years there creating training programs and classes, and training more trainers, in early 2016 Jennifer resigned from the DPC to return to her own center full-time and open Sunny Day Acres to the public so that she could offer a wide array of help to individual dog owners and rescues alike.

From this spurred Jennifer seeing an even greater need to create her non-profit programs specific to helping rescues, fosters, shelter staff, and volunteers, as well as programs for NA/AA, Youth at Risk, and Abused Women.  Recently attaining an additional property of 18.55 acres, Sunny Day Acres will soon be expanding to add more classes, more programs, and an animal sanctuary.

Stefano  Filippeli
"You get the dog you need , not the dog you want. "
My life as a firefighter, here in Southern California, has provided me with many great opportunities to affect change in people's lives. Though I have always felt there was something missing. I truly believed I could do more, but I really wasn't sure how. Well, that's when my dog Astro came into my life and taught me what that quote meant. He showed me other ways I could make a difference. Which brings me to how I got into dog training. I started out , just like most of you , by first being a client . My dog Astro became a very reactive dog and was pushing my family to the brink. After being given an ultimatum by my wife, I forced to seek out help. So I reached out to Jennifer Gray while she was running Cesars Millan's DPC. With a lot of help from Jen and many hours of work on my end, we were able rehabilitated Astro. The experience of working with Astro pushed me to go back to school and become a certified dog trainer through the Animal Behavior College. All of this opened up an opportunity to become an assistant instructor for Jennifer at the DPC. When Jen decided to move on from the DPC and fulfill her dream of opening Sunny Day Acres I was honored to be invited to be one of her instructors. With my time and experience with Jen and through my education I've become a K9 behavior specialist and focus my work on rehabilitating reactive or aggressive dogs.



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